Curriculum Information Page

Welcome to the Mount Primary School's curriculum information page. Here you will find information on all the different subjects. For each subject you can view:

- curriculum aims: these detail the aim and content of the curriculum offered at Mount Primary School; how the curriculum caters for all learners; how the content of the curriculum develops each pupil's cultural capital. 

- knowledge maps: these detail the national curriculum objectives for each subjects; when each unit of work will be taught within the academic year; the knowledge expectations; key language; links to prior and post learning.

- knowledge organisers: these detail the content of the curriculum on a single A4 page to offer a concise overview of key language; significant figures; important concepts. (Not all subjects have knowledge organsiers.)

Key Stage Two (Years 3 - 6) are currently taught in mixed year groups. This means that for curriculum information within this key stage there is a 'Cycle A' and a 'Cycle B.' This ensures full coverage of the curriculum as well making sure that children do not repeat any learning.