Lighthouse Club Challenges

Lighthouse Club Challenges

Hello to all of our lovely families.  I will be posting a fun Lighthouse Club challenge for the children every week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I hope this helps in some way to support you during these strange times.

Please feel free to email pictures of completed challenges (stories, crafts and drawings) to 

Wishing you fun, health and happiness from Kim Murphy and Lighthouse Club Staff.


Week 1

Wednesday 25/03/2020 - Challenge 1: Draw a secret garden.  Please include the following items hidden in your garden - a coin, an old shoe, a lost toy, a small dinosaur, a wild animal and a jigsaw piece. 

Friday 27/03/2020 - Challenge 2: Design a poster thanking the NHS for all their hard work and display it in your window.

Week 2

Monday 30/03/2020 - Challenge 3: Junk modelling - build a robot using recycled materials.

Wednesday 01/04/2020 - Challenge 4:  Write little notes of kindness and love, fold them up and hide them around your home for people to find.

Friday 03.04.2020 - Challenge 5:  Camp cookout - build a tent and fake campfire either in your garden or living room.  Enjoy a cowboy/girl cookout, singing campfire songs and eating cowgirl/boy foods - e.g. beans, baked potatoes, stew or Texas toast.


Challenges will resume after the Spring Break smiley


Week 3

Monday 20.04.2020 - Challenge 6:  Make a crossword puzzle for someone in your home.

Wednesday 22.04.2020 - Challenge 7:  Happy Earth Day! Design a poster encouraging people to help look after the planet and inspire them to save water and energy, recycle and protect plants and wildlife.

Friday 24.04.2020 - Challenge 8:  Junk modelling - build a dinosaur using recycled materials.


Unfortunately, we will be unable to post anymore challenges on the website but we hope you have enjoyed the challenges we have posted.  Many thanks, Miss Kim