Our Classes

At Mount Primary we have 11 classes across 7 year groups.  That means that we have vertically grouped classes.  

More information about vertical classes is included in the attached leaflet.

Our classes are:

Year Group(s)Class Teacher (s)Name of Class
Foundation 2 Miss Thompson Judith Kerr
Foundation 2/Year 1 Mrs Guthrie and Miss Owen

Julia Donaldson

Year 1 Miss Sexton Jessica Ennis
Years 1 and 2 Miss Cottrell Kate Middleton
Year 2 Mrs Jordan and Mrs Heseltine Tim Peake
Year 3 Miss Eyres Clare Balding
Years 3 and 4 Mrs Dewar and Mrs Strontschak Alex Booker
Year 4 Mrs Byrne Kelly Holmes
Year 5 Mrs Lea Malorie Blackman
Years 5 and 6 Mrs Ray and Mr Ryan Eddie Izzard
Year 6 Miss Stone Shami Chakrabarti

We are a very popular school and most classes have between 30-32 children in each class.

We run additional sets for English and Mathematics in years 3 to 6