UNICEF's Rights Respecting Schools Program

At the heart of our school's ethos and behaviour systems is our commitment to promoting children's rights.  We make sure that children understand their rights in the context of our school, in their communities as well as national and global issues.

Our children understand that with rights also come responsibilities.  Practically this means that if we understand that we have the right to be safe, learn, respected and happy; we all have the responsibility to make sure that we behave in this way.

Rights Responsibilities
To be treated with respect at all times.

To be kind and helpful.

Not to call anybody names or hurt them.

To enjoy learning.

To work hard.

Not to disturb others when they work.

To listen.









In this section we have attached some literature to explain how this works in our school and links to some UNICEF documents about Rights Respecting Schools.  You can also visit UNICEF's website for further information.

Every year we focus on the rights of others through our Week for Change projects.  The whole school stops and considers the challenges that children face in other parts of the world.  We have included some images and resources from our Week(s) for Change.