Science Day (LT)

Date: 14th Dec 2018 @ 10:44am

06.12.18                    Whole School Science Day (LT)

In Foundation Two we had a fabulous time being scientists.  We came into class to find penguins trapped in ice!  We had to think of the best way to melt the ice to set them free.  We conducted our own experiment by putting some ice in the freezer, outside and on the radiator to see which would melt the quickest.  We also put the ice in our warm hands to see if that would melt the ice.  It was very cold! 

Eventually, we realised the best way to set the penguins free was to put the block of ice on the radiator.  We were so relieved when the ice melted and the penguins were set free.  However, when we came back from lunch we came accross another problem.  In order for the penguins to get back to the North Pole they needed a boat that would get them there safely without sinking.  We tested out lots of different materials to see which floated and which sank.  We concluded that the best materials to make the penguins a boat from was tin foil and plasic.  

Overall, we had a fantastic day and really enjoyed being scientists and look forward to conducting more experiments in class in the future! 


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