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Eco Committee

The Eco Committee is an integral part of the school community and inspires environmental action across school.  The Eco Committee is run by the school Eco Coordinator, Kim Murphy, and is made up of two representatives from each class.


The fantastic environmental work championed by our dedicated and passionate Eco Committee has successfully resulted in Mount Primary School achieving and renewing our Eco Schools Green Flag Status.  


Some Eco Committee projects are listed below.


Tree Planting – the Eco Committee worked with Mersey Forest and The Woodland Trusts to organise tree planting on the school grounds.  Classes, school staff, volunteers and Lighthouse Club successfully planted over 400 trees as hedgerows to reduce local pollution, increase biodiversity and support pupil wellbeing.

Habitat Building – the Eco Committee linked with The Mosslands School DT department to create a ‘habitat city’.  As part of the project, Mosslands students built and fitted butterfly, bird and bat boxes on the school grounds.

Energy Saving – every year the Eco Committee promote ‘Switch off Fortnight’ and act as Light Monitors to save energy.

Walk to School Challenge – this whole school project encourages children to walk, wheel, scoot or cycle to school to reduce pollution.

Butterfly Project and No Mow May – the Eco Committee are committed to creating habitats to encourage and support pollinators.  They are currently developing a Butterfly/Wildlife Park.

Clean Air Day – the Eco Committee raised awareness about the importance of reducing pollution.