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Universal Infant Free School Meals [UIFSM]

From September 2014 all children in Key Stage 1 (Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2) in maintained schools are entitled to a free school meal under the Government's Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme, UIFSM, following recommendations made by the School Food Plan [].  Pilot projects of the scheme have shown children gain improved health and increased academic performance. 

We would encourage all eligible children to take up this free offer and access the nutritionally balanced hot and cold meals we provide in school. We have run our own kitchen in school since September 2013 and with the assistance of local catering consultants and our school council, we have sourced food from local suppliers to ensure healthy and fun menu options are available. The UIFSM scheme will enable your KS1 child to access our food at no cost to you.

A note about Free School Meals: If you are registered for Free School Meals you will not notice any change. The Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme is in addition to the traditional free school meals register, and allows families not on that register to access free meals for KS1 children.