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Welcome to the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) curriculum information page. The aim of MFL teaching at Mount Primary School is to develop a love of learning a foreign language, in this case French, and to provide as many opportunities for children to apply this. Through a varied range of topics we teach children structures and vocabulary that could be applied should they visit France, as well as developing their skill in being able to confidently use French in speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. Through these activities, they are able to communicate with others and are encouraged to respect other MFL learners in their classes by listening to them, supporting them and working collaboratively on tasks. In our school, MFL makes a significant contribution to citizenship education by teaching children about the culture and traditions in France and learning how to respect that there are similarities and differences in how traditions are celebrated.

To find out more about MFL at Mount Primary School please explore the MFL documents on this page. These include the MFL curriculum aims, the what is MFL? sheets and the MFL curriculum maps. Progression documents will be fully implemented in September 2022.

The MFL subject leader is: Mrs. Strontschak 

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