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Welcome to the writing section of the website. At Mount Primary School we want our children to be able to communicate accurately and effectively both verbally and in writing, to express themselves and to enjoy writing for a range of purposes and audiences. As they move to the next stage of their education, they will be able to operate effectively in any situation. We want children to leave Mount Primary School with a love of language, the ability to write confidently and to understand the impact that their writing can have on others.

We teach writing through links to high quality texts and children are taught to write in a range of genres and for different audiences and purposes. Our Literature Spines map out a wide range of high quality texts chosen to include a wide range of genres, settings, text types, authors and characters. In F2 and Year 1, texts are also chosen with a focus on phonics and the sounds being taught. Opportunities are planned for children to write for real audiences and purposes giving them a clear connection to the outside world and showing them the power their writing can have. Grammar is taught daily through English sessions and 'Every Piece, Every Time' sheets highlighting grammar taught in previous years outline our non-negotiable expectations.

To find out more about writing at Mount Primary School please explore the documents on this page. These include the writing curriculum aims, the ‘What is writing? sheet, Literature Spines and English Long Term Plans. The Literature Spines contain information about the rationale behind chosen texts. Reasons include: diversity of character, setting and author; traditional tales, myths and legends; classic texts and cultural capital; award winning authors and children's laureates. In order to allow flexibility and new texts to be included, these are subject to change where the new text meets the rationale. 

The English Subject Leader is: Miss Byrne

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