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Thrive Model of Identification and Escalation of Mental Health and Well-Being Concerns

At Mount Primary School we use the Thrive Model for the identification and escalation of mental health and well-being concerns. Whilst the aim is that all children and adults ‘thrive’ we also recognise that there are times when people may need help in order to support their mental health and well-being. The Thrive Model is split into 4 quadrants. The 4 sections of the model are: 

getting advice and support (coping) > getting help > getting more help and > getting risk support 

Step 1: Initially problems would fall into the first two sections (getting advice and support > getting help).

N.B. Resources to support during step 1 include: Thrive model for mental health and well-being Mount Primary School,  CAMHS-Early Help Resource & Information Pack for children, Adult Early Help Resource & Information Pack (October 2020), all of which can be found attached here. Please also speak to a member of staff if you are concerned about your child's mental health and well-being or the mental health and well-being of a member of our community. 

Step 2: If the problem continues to have a significant impact on daily functioning then a referral to a specialist service would be considered (getting more help and > getting risk support).

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